30 years
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    1. Just-in-Time inventory programs
    2. Pre-processed Material program insures shipment the same day of order
    3. Chemical and physical laboratory testing
    4. Bar-coding
    5. Cost Yield Analysis
    6. Stress-free slitting
    7. Timely order fulfillment and highly experienced shipping and receiving department.
    8. Complete range of grades, thickness & widths of electrical steel and cold rolled motor             lam.
    9. Technical experts on staff
    10.State of the art production facility


Electrical steels need special consideration in storage, handling and packaging. Our 120,000 sq foot facility allows us to have storage and handling procedures to insure the retention of magnetic properties. Proper rotation of stock in our dry and heated warehouse eliminates condensation and rusting. We protect each shipment with waterproof paper wrap treated with a vapor corrosion inhibitor or shrink wrap material. Our skids are custom-made for each order

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